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Limitless gives consumers a simple entry point into the world of cryptocurrency

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Limitless Technologies | Our Ecosystem Advantage

Our Ecosystem

Up to this point, mining cryptocurrencies has required a lot of technical know-how. We make it as easy as possible for anyone to do. No expertise required.

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can take part in the process.

Limitless gives you a plug & play way to mine your favorite cryptocurrencies which are then immediately stored in your in-app digital wallet.

Our Diversified Products

Working hand-in-hand with each other our collection of crypto products help you mine it, store it, spend it and manage it securely.

VPN Miner

A FREE VPN using Patented Software to mine Cryptocurrency

Microblock Miner

Easy to use Crypto Mining Hardware with dedicated control software

X2 Crypto Wallet

A Secure Desktop & Mobile Wallet for managing cryptocurrencies

Limitless Storage

A secure decentralized blockchain backup and storage solution


We want our technology to be a sustainable and ethical solution that positively contributes to the world we live in. We’re proud to be a carbon neutral company who offsets all carbon energy used by our mining infrastructure by investing in carbon credits that directly support projects generating active carbon reductions.   Furthermore, we support funding for charities and good causes related to protecting the environment.