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Our Story

While the technology behind Blockchain may seem relatively new, the actual concept behind how it works and the notion of decentralized data has been around for awhile.  Do you remember IRC?  Or how about Napster and how sharing files peer-to-peer rather than going through a centralized service seemed so revolutionary?  This decentralization of the internet is a core component of modern Blockchain technology.

Fast forward a couple decades and we live in a society dominated by the likes of Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix.  These are great companies and the services they offer enrich our daily lives in countless ways.  Where the landscape has changed, however, is that the biggest business of the modern day is no longer the products these companies sell but rather the personal information and data they are able to collect virtually every second of our digital lives.

We believe in Technology that advances society and enriches the lives of end users.  We believe everyone should have equal access to that technology and that the internet belongs to the people.  Finally, our core value is the belief that privacy is sacred.

Limitless technology exists because we adhere to the idea of a people-powered kind of internet run on a secure Blockchain network that enables users to restore control over their data and monetize data assets without relying on a centralized platform.

We are LIMITLESS because we believe the constraints of today
are precisely what push us beyond our limits tomorrow.

Leadership Team

Industry experts with diverse backgrounds in Blockchain Technology.


President & CEO




Founder of Limitless Technologies