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Limitless Storage

A secure decentralized storage solution

Think of it as
The Air BNB of Databases

In this day and age we all have computers sitting around essentially doing nothing for part of the day.  What’s more is that with computers being so powerful today even when we are using them for our routine tasks we are only using a fraction of their computing power.

By using a private and secure Blockchain network everyday household computers like the one you are using right now can be turned into mini-servers within a Blockchain community.  Essential you and others like you end up backing up each up each others data without having to do anything.  Best of all it is completely and totally private.  Nobody can see your data even if a portion of it is being stored on their system. That’s the beauty of Blockchain.

Decentralized Storage
is the safest way to protect your data

When you break up your data and share it around you end up with multiple copies in multiple locations.  As far as protecting your data from loss this is actually much more secure than paying a large arms length company to keep a copy of your information in some large data store. 

Yes they back it up onto multiple servers to protect against hardware failure but what about the fact everything is in one place?  Imagine no longer having to pay large companies for storage plans you don’t really use to have peace of mind that you don’t really understand. 

Now imagine having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your backup is secure and totally private on your friends computer.  On your cousins computer.  On your neighbours computer. 

With Limitless storage your backups are always safe, secure, and private.  You share the resources you already have and have paid for with the people you trust and know.  Best of all it its using resources in the background so you don’t even know its happening.

We take the planets most under-utilized computer resources and provide the most secure and affordable database in the world.

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