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Microblock Miner

Mine Crypto Currency from virtually anywhere in the world.

So what is it really?

Imagine being able to mine Bitcoin or other crypto currency from pretty much anywhere by simply connecting a small box to your existing home network.  This is exactly what the Microblock Miner does!  All you need is an internet or wi-fi connection and you can be passively mining crypto while you go about your regular day.

It’s really that simple.  Plug. Play. Mine.  

We currently support the following cryptocurrencies:

Understanding # Hashrates

A “hashrate”, is how much power you are giving to the network, and determines your reward rates and how quickly you are able to mine individual cryptocurrency.  Different currencies also use different standards of measurement as shown below.



4000-5000 sats/day


30.2 mh/s



800 h/s

+/-10 h/s


0.5 gps

+/- 0.2 gps


300 sols/s

+/- 10 sols/s


120 Mh/s


Technical Specifications


12.25 lbs



+1-2 db to avg ambient room

~ desktop computer or game console.

Avg Power Usage

160 watts

Varies per crypto mined.


Wifi or Ethernet


All you need is
your phone and wi-fi.

The easy to use mobile app allows you to keep track of your mining progress, review earnings, monitor system performance and estimate your average rate of return by tracking your mining KH/s.   

Works on both iOS and Android Devices.